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Green And Yellow Budgie by S-Baptista-Art

Excellent work. I love the shading. It looks like you used about three different greens, and they work together very nicely. The lines ...

Chibi Beatles by Kanis-Major

I really love your idea, the Beatles themselves, and how it turned out. It is cute without being comical. your design and shading are g...


Kinetic-Passion has started a donation pool!
1,014 / 3,000
For Items in my wishlist and commissions I might want to get.

Pay for adoptables here :)

I really appreciate any donations, even if it is only one point

I bought a couple of the prints I wanted during a 45% sale, but there are still two more that I really want to get, one of them is an actual art print, so yeah.

Real Balance as of 5/21/13: 1013

Where my points have gone so far: 441 pts for 44 adoptables; 1 pt for a giveaway; 130 points for 2 commissions; 20 points and a trade for 3 p2u linearts; 878 points for 3 prints (…,…,…) and shipping. Money I have spent on points: $5. (that is mostly for me to know, but it's there if anyone is curious) Total: 1470
(I do the llama trades under the badges page too. I also won a couple of small giveaways, so yay! Thank you everyone who has donated to me; I really appreciate it)

Here's what you get for donating:

1-2 :points: = llama
3-7 :points: = llama and 1 Fave
8-14 :points: = llama, 1 Fave per point over 7
15-24 :points: =llama, 10 Faves, and 1 comment for every point over 20
25-45 :points: = llama, 10 Faves, Watch, and 1 comment for every point over 38
45-49 :points: = same as 25-45 points, OR you can choose to be featured under "special donors" for 2 months, but people won't be offered points to watch you.
50+ :points:=llama, watch, and promo link here; people will be given the incentive of points to watch and send a llama to those featured here. Link will be up until number of points given out for watching you meets your donation less commission. (Thus, if you donate 65 points, the link stays up until you gain 50 watchers and/or llamas)

Thank you very much :)

To earn points: Watch the Deviants listed below. Each watch earns 0.5 :points:, and each llama earns 0.5 :points: as of right now, the max you can get is 2 :points: but that will change as more people get featured.

to ask for points, please note me saying who you watched and llama'd. Faves do not earn points. (Note instead of comment because I get a lot of comments from people thanking me for faves, and I just don't have time to answer them all, so if you comment for points instead of noting me, I provably won't see it.)


SmashTekk (until 130 gained)

Shiro16 (until 100 gained)

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You can't wishlist or favorite commission details (unless it's in a journal), so:

Deviants I have commissioned bittersweetCake (see my Deviant ID pic); PrePAWSterous

Deviants with good art who do commissions for under 800 points
(or unlisted) prices AlineMendes EpicNightSkyy KeyboardingChihuahua vanilla-angel555 x-RainFlame-x Deruuyo PokeShoppe rayvin734 laliluleloha JustSher mintye sarastallet99

Deviants with amazing talent who may be wayy too expensive to commission (some don't do commissions) TylerEdlinArt Namie-kun Lucky978 AnnMarieBone Apofiss gabbyd70 DestinyBlue jjpeabody Starry-Shizen mrainbowwj thewholehorizon kira1133 cindy-drawings secrets-of-the-pen milyKnight whatzitoya MartaNael Emerald-Depths VianaArts yuumei Inna-Vjuzhanina michellescribbles Deedeekinz

(this is a compliment, and is not all-inclusive, so don't be offended if I didn't list you here; I chose these by going through the deviations in my favorites; I ended up watching more people too)

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:iconvanendra: is hosting a 500 point giveaway!

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Good luck everyone!
As you probably know, I didn't get many entries or suggestions for that contest, not enough to call out winners, but I will give llamas now to anyone who did participate if I haven't already.

Thank you 

edit: nevermind, I already gave the llamas.  There were two participants...
I have had a lot of things going on this year so far, like getting laid off, relationship issues, family problems, and finding out the surprise/hard way that, while applying to any other type of school or program, you submit your transcripts with your application, but when applying to law school, you have to submit them a couple months in advance, to LSAC (law school admissions counsel), which digests them into a report to send to the schools, charges you for this required inconvenience, and then charges to send each individual report.  And you have to use a particular form to request the transcripts to be sent to LSAC (they don't just give you an address), and you don't have access to the form until you pay.  So, even if I did find out I needed to send the transcripts a couple months early in time to send them, I wouldn't have had the money, because I had been laid off and had to max out my credit card on food and gas...

But enough of that. 

I wanted to get my Master's in Political Science, but I wasn't sure whether I should do it before or after law school or not at all.  I want to run for congress sometime, after a few years of my legal career.  I decided that in 8th grade.  I have also loved Political Science since I first took a class in it at community college.  I was thinking I needed to do it before law school, because most people take forever to get a masters degree or never finish it if they already have careers.  However, I need to get good paying work.

But the LSAC application issue decided that for me anyways.

I found out only three schools in my state offer Masters' in Political science programs on campus (I don't want to take that online, because I'd be missing the fun/engaging part, which is the in-class debates and activities).  One of those was Duke, whose application deadlines are Jan/Dec/Feb depending on the program, and which also charges an arm and a leg for the same degree I could get elsewhere.  Appalachian State is another one, whose tutition and fees resemble those I had with Southern New Hampshire University for my Bacherlor's online.  

Then, in my research I happened across the third one, UNC Chapel Hill.  They do not have a regular Masters in Political Science program on campus.  What they have is called TAM.  Trans Atlantic Masters' in Political Science.  The first semester is done here, the next two abroad, and the last one (the thesis) can be either abroad or back here.  There are many destinations to choose from, but I was so happy to find this because it gives me the opportunity to study in Paris.  Unlike other study abroad programs, this is done entirely through the school, paying UNC tuition prices, which are also really low.

The lucky thing is that I found out about this program on the day the application was due, so I was able to submit it.

I got my acceptance letters yesterday from both Chapel Hill and App (my backup plan).  

However, I just got a letter from the TAM coordinator saying the school in Paris hasn't accepted me yet, so I may expect to spend both abroad terms in Bath, England instead.

The main thing I wanted out of the TAM program was to go to Paris.

so, given that, it would be best just to go to App.  but, then I have to move next month, instead of driving to school for now and then moving in January, to Paris.



Kinetic-Passion's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Current Residence: the promised land
Favorite genre of music: Rock
Studying Forensic Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University online
Career Goal: Defense Attorney
Law schools I am considering: Duke, NC Central, Harvard, and University of Virgina
One of my Life Goals is to accomplish something for which I will be remembered after death.

I can draw animals and just about anything that I have a picture of or can sit and look at. The only think I have trouble with is people, particularly faces and making them look more realistic. If you can draw human beings well then I envy you :)

I write a lot of poetry, but I don't upload much of it because I don't want people ripping it off. I intend to publish my poetry in an anthology; when I do, I will update my bio with a link.

(The commissions widget is mostly to keep the information available on my page; I prefer if you pay for them in my donation pool and note me the info.)

Thanks for visiting :)
:iconrabbitsplz: :iconparakeetplz: Budgie Lover Stamp by PeregrineFalconLady

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design photo 4f317ab9-e9a6-4352-b54a-03a59a8e059e_zpsc8eca92e.jpg French 2 by Faeth-design China lang2 by Faeth-design  photo 8fff622a-0ec3-4f6b-

Favorite (of my) Deviations:
Natural Spring by Kinetic-Passion Mountain Valley by Kinetic-Passion Beach Sunset Panorama by Kinetic-Passion Another Pretty Sky by Kinetic-Passion
Times Square NYC by Kinetic-Passion Empire State Building by Kinetic-Passion The Haunting SongThe Haunting Song
Whence this song doth leave me alone,
I will then make my way back home,
I feel the weight upon my shoulders,
Though it shall be more when I get older,
Although I feel the power stir,
When will the battle take place and where,
What is this plan that I must break,
What will I save, for whose sake?
Though with these questions I still press on,
Never minding the haunting song,
For it’s a sign of prisoner’s life,
A tiny part of the long strife,
A never ending battle in time,
Whence comes my story, and this rhyme,
For safety is a minor thing,
With what’s at stake our worries fling,
For bravery is needed most,
Along with wits and brains to boast,
Work together, and all along,
You must avoid that haunting song,
It will scatter your thoughts, and you’ll enter a trance,
Ignore all feelings and romance,
Your priorities now rethought,
To you has your adventure brought,
Resourcefulness and brilliance too,
The only one who can do this is you,
Just write the clu

What are You Looking At? by Kinetic-Passion You Are What You Eat by Kinetic-Passion R.I.P. blueberry by Kinetic-Passion Oliver and Suzie by Kinetic-Passion A Graceful Landing by Kinetic-Passion


Old Flickr Photostream (has some art too)…
:iconvanendra: is hosting a 500 point giveaway!

To enter, favorite the giveaway journal here: 

giveaway journal

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Good luck everyone!

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Custom Adoptables
Earmouth Bunny Adopts by Kinetic-Passion
Llamacorn Adoptables by Kinetic-Passion
Digital Dino Adopts ( 1 and 2 points) by Kinetic-Passion
Galaxy Kittens by Kinetic-Passion
Fox set 1 Adoptables by Kinetic-Passion
Using any free lineart or the llamacorn lineart, and the colors you provide. you may note me a link to the palate in your stash or another site, or you can note me the html hex codes for the colors.

Earmouth Bunnies are 20 :points:

Please pay in the donation pool and note me the details.

My open adoptables:…
Medium & Long Poems (over 50 lines/ up to 7-12 stanzas/ 2-3 pages)
I can write a poem on any topic. Just send me the topic, the length you want, and whether or not you want it to rhyme.
Animal Sketches
Navy and Scarlet - For Melody of the Wolf Contest by Kinetic-Passion
Violet - my adopted kitty by Kinetic-Passion
Juno and Lenni by Kinetic-Passion
Jade - Point Commission for apakalipto1 by Kinetic-Passion
Fiery Fox by Kinetic-Passion
I can do sketches of pretty much any small animal; birds, squirrels, bunnies, etc. Send me a note with your request before sending points and I will let you know if I can do that particular thing. Mostly any small animal is possible.

This is for a color sketch of the animal with no background.
If you want a simple bg (like some of the examples), +10 :points:.
A second character is an additional 20 :points:

Examples:see above, and…

I'd prefer if you pay through the donation pool; Please note me any refs and specific instructions.


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